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Article: Where to Buy A Wine Travel Case during the Alba White Truffle Fair

Where to Buy A Wine Travel Case during the Alba White Truffle Fair

Don’t forget your wine travel case if you are visiting Piedmont for the Annual Alba White Truffle Fair.

You have probably noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about Piedmont - and specifically the winemaking areas of the Langhe and Roero in the past month. That’s because it is the area’s high tourist season with the annual Alba White Truffle Fair.


The Alba White Truffle Fair takes place each weekend from October 10 to November 15.

Located in Alba’s centro storico (historic center), the fair offers visitors an opportunity to explore the fabled Alba White Truffle as well as other typical products of the region –especially the wine.

Alba Truffles

If you are headed to the Langhe and Roero during this season, here is a list of places to buy your wine travel case to get these amazing wines home.


Read Our Traveling With Alcohol On A Plane 101 guide for international air travel rules and regulations.


The Wine Check is available via these wine producers, enotecas, and wine tour providers.

Wine Producers:

  • Contratto: Historic sparkling wine producer. Address: Via G.B. Giuliani, 56, 14053 Canelli (AT); visits by appointment. Email or call +39 0141 823 349.
  • Demarie: Third-generation wine producing family located in the Roero. See them at the Truffle Fair or visit the winery; visits by appointment only. Address: Via Castellinaldo 16, 12040, Vezza d’Alba Email or call +39 017 365454.
  • Sukula Winery: Producer in the renowned Serralunga winemaking area of Barolo. Visits by appointment only. Click to schedule a tasting.
  • Brezza: Historic producer located in the village of Barolo. Hotel and ristorante. Address: Via Lomondo, 4, 12060, Barolo (CN); visits by appointment only. Call +39 0173 560 921.
  • La Spinetta: Giorgio Rivetti's magic touch with Moscato, Barbera and Nebbiolo took the world by storm. La Spinetta produces approachable yet age-worthy wines that capture the attention of wine critics. Address: Via Annunziata 17, 14054 Castagnole Lanze Email or call +39 0141 877396


  • Enoteca Regionale del Barbaresco: Located in an old restored church in the village of Barbaresco. They always have three wines open for tasting (only Barbaresco wines); 3 euros each. Address: Piazza del Municipio, 7, Barbaresco (CN).
  • Enoteca Regional del Roero: Located in the Roero’s main wine town of Canale, the enoteca offers Roero tasting flights and an onsite restaurant. Address: Via Roma, 57, 12043, Canale (CN).

Piedmont Travel and Tour Services:

The Alba White Truffle Fair

Dates: Saturday and Sunday from October 10 to November 15

Time: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Entry: €3 / children 15 and under: free

Find The Wine Check at the Demarie Stand in the White Truffle Market.

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