Wholesale and Affiliate Opportunities

 Affiliate Opportunities for Wine, Beer, Travel Professionals


Become a Lazenne European Reseller!


If you are interested in carrying Lazenne's products such as the Wine Check or the our line of Wine Protectors please contact us below.

Our products are perfect for wineries, alcohol distillers, wine and liquor stores, tour operators, boutiques, hotels, etc.


1. Increase your wine and alcohol sales

2. Solve your customer's problem and help them to take up to 15 bottles of wine or alcohol onto a plane

3. Improve your international visibility - ask us about company branding opportunities.

4. Ensure the quality and safety of your wine and alcohol from purchase to consumption as it travels with your customers.


1. Small or large orders welcome with proportional wholesale discounts.

2. Is storage space a concern? We can store the products for you and deliver periodically as required.

3. We can help you understand, and inform your clients, about their country's regulations with regards to wine transport on a plane!

4. Not sure? We guarantee satisfaction and offer flexible returns. 

For more information or to become reseller, contact us


Become a Lazenne Affiliate and Earn Commission on Referral Sales!


When you sign up for the Lazenne Affiliate Program we'll give you a unique link to our website that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, on your blog, a tweet - however you choose! You'll earn income for every sale that is made on Lazenne through your link.


Anyone can be an affiliate:

Are you a tour guide or winery? We share the same customer base! Why not post a Lazenne banner or affiliate link on your website or newsletter?

Are you a wine, travel blogger? Monetize your blog by adding Lazenne banners or affiliate links to your posts.



Affiliate Banners

You can use the following banners to link to:

125 x 125
Lazenne Affiliate Banner Lazenne Affiliate Banner 
130 x 100
Lazenne Affiliate Banner Lazenne Affiliate Banner 
300 x 250
 Lazenne Affiliate Banner 
160 x 600
 Lazenne Affiliate Banner 
468 x 60
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