Your Hotel Booking to Wine Country Could be Better

October 10, 2016


Wine lovers like us, who are always planning our next trip to the next wine region, know very well that our hotel will probably be one of the largest expenses we'll have to make during our wine holiday. This is why we've enlisted the hottest new startup, TripRebel to tell us how we can book our hotel smartly, save money, and therefore have a bigger budget for wine when we get there.

You spend so much time looking for the perfect hotel room at the lowest price possible. After hours of research, you’re confident you’ve found the best option and are ready to go on that well deserved wine holiday. But the sad truth is... you’ve payed more than you would have if you’d booked with TripRebel.

8 out of 10 hotels will change their prices but you would have to check constantly to keep up. With TripRebel you don’t have to. Why? TripRebel is the single smartest way to book your next hotel, providing ten times better results than other meta-search sites. But “How?!” you ask. Good question. Unlike websites such as Trivago and Kayak, TripRebel continues to look for the best prices after you’ve booked. Boom! The price of your hotel room drops: TripRebel automatically makes a new booking with the lower price. Similar rooms at lower price or upgraded rooms at the same price come up: TripRebel re-books or upgrades you. TripRebel’s algorithm will find the ideal combination for you.

In short, you know you’re getting the best deal at all times. Genius, no?

When planning the trip of a lifetime, we know you want to start daydreaming right away. With TripRebel you will no longer hesitate before booking, wondering whether a price will be more advantageous tomorrow. Since TripRebel updates your booking to your advantage, price volatility is a non-issue. Now you go ahead and worry about finding cool wineries, wine stores, and restaurants with the best wine lists.

Be a Rebel, travel smarter

Besides finding the best possible deal we also offer plenty of travel hacks on our blog so you can travel like a Rebel. Now that you’re ready to go surfing, wine-tasting or museum-hopping: What kind of Rebel are you?

  • Beginner Rebel: you can start testing the waters with travel dos and don’t, so you can be spared the embarrassment of looking like a tourist rather than a Rebel.

  • A Talented Rebel knows why he’ll never overpay for a room again and professes his undying love for TripRebel.

  • The Seasoned Rebel spends more time surfing the best beaches and is the first to explore vineyards because a room at the best price is instantly booked.

  • The Expert Rebel? Well, he or she can master multi-city travel even in stressful circumstances like a honeymoon!

From now on not only your wine can travel smarter, you can too.

TripRebel has a travel hack for anyone.

Feeling rebellious? Start travelling and saving. Be a Rebel.

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