February 03, 2016

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Our First Wine Giveaway: Win 12 Bottles of Piedmont Wine in a Lazenne Wine Check! 

Piedmont Wine Region


Are you Ready for our Wine Giveaway? 

That’s right, we are partnering up with our friends at Please Bring Me My Wine and some producers from the Piedmont wine region to bring you our first big wine giveaway - with a little flying with alcohol support thrown in for your next wine trip. 


Make Room in Your Wine Cellar!

WIne Giveaway including a Lazenne Wine Check

Our Piedmont wine giveaway includes 12 bottles from four producers in Barolo, Barbaresco, the Roero, and Monferrato. One lucky winner will receive the wines in a Lazenne Wine Check


Flying with Alcohol 101: Yes, You Can Take 12 bottles on a Plane 


The program starts today and runs through mid-March. During this time Please Bring Me My Wine will share information on flying with wine, introduce you to the participating Piedmont wine producers, and tell you about the wines coming in the Lazenne Wine Check. Think Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Nebbiolo, and more.  

The wines are from the following producers: 


How to Enter:

It’s simple! Visit Please Bring Me My Wine for all the details and to enter to win. 


Enter the Piedmont Wine Giveaway at PleaseBringMeMyWine.com! 


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