Lazenne and the Wine Check at Fauchon Paris


Lazenne is proud to have partnered with the iconic Fauchon in Paris, which now carries our 12 bottle Wine Check luggage in their downstairs wine cellar (La Cave).


The Fauchon store was opened by Auguste Fauchon in 1886 on Place de la Madeleine, in central Paris's 8th arrondissement, where it remains to today. It is arguably Paris’ most famous caterer selling the most incredibly mouthwatering delicacies, from pâté de foie gras and truffles, to confitures (jams), and their famous eclairs and other patisseries. Their wine selection in the cellar is very interesting too. On this trip I personally, finally had the pleasure of trying their famously gorgeous eclairs. The French really know how to take patisserie to the next level!


Have you been to Fauchon? What are you favourite delicacies the carry?