Ultimate Professional Wine Tasting Cooler Set


  • The Perbacco® Tasting Box is a portable cooler designed to keep wine bottles at the ideal temperature, even in the most severe thermal conditions. The Perbacco® Tasting Box lid holds 5 bottles in a stable and secure system, limiting movement during transportation. The correct temperature is ensured by 4 cold accumulator freezer blocks neatly positioned next to the bottles that can be quickly cooled in the freezer.

    Included in the box are 3 caps for still wines and 2 caps for sparkling wines that ensure the bottles are tightly sealed at the end of the tasting session, preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the contents and avoiding annoying spills.

    The internal insert is easily removable for cleaning.

    The Perbacco® Tasting Box comes with a soft, adjustable shoulder strap that can be completely adapted to fit any height, making it convenient to carry. The base and lid of Perbacco Tasting Box are sealed with a patented system that limits frigorie leakage.

    The Perbacco® Tasting Box is an indispensable tool for all wine and beer lovers, whether they work in the industry or are simply huge enthusiasts. The Tasting Box will accompany them on their tasting journey, with a guaranteed performance that will not disappoint, leaving their interlocutors pleasantly surprised.


    The Perbacco® Tasting Box comes complete with a tasting kit that includes:

    4 cold accumulator freezer blocks: easily accommodated within the Perbacco® Tasting Box in the prearranged positions, they can be cooled in a freezer in just 12 hours. The small dimensions make them practical and uncumbersome, adaptable to small spaces.

    3 Pulltex silicone caps for still wines: they ensure natural adhesion to the bottle. Their patented shape produces an area of ​​suction inside the neck of the bottle, preserving the wine for a long time. The locking system is completely airtight and the bottle is completely sealed in any position.

    2 Pulltex caps in silicone for semi-sparkling and sparkling wines: they are patented to prevent the evaporation of carbon dioxide and maintain the bubbles in the wine, so that they remain effervescent for a long time. The locking system is airtight and the bottle is completely sealed in any position.


    To check the thermal seal effectiveness of the Perbacco Tasting Box, thermal tests were performed over 12 hours with external temperature variations from 21.5 °C up to 28.5 °C. The test was carried out using 5 bottles of wine at a temperature of 5.6 ° C and 4 cold accumulator freezer blocks supplied with the freezer box. Perbacco Wine Tasting Box Cooling Performance


    1. Cool the 4 cold accumulator freezer blocks supplied in the freezer for 12 hours
    2. Insert the 4 cold accumulator freezer blocks into the designated positions inside the box
    3. Insert the bottles at a temperature of 5/6 °C
    4. Close the Box
    5. Adjust the shoulder strap
    6. After the tasting session, close the bottles with the supplied caps.


    • Open the Perbacco® Tasting Box only when necessary and avoid leaving it open for a long time/li>
    • It is possible to insert additional freezer blocks
    • Avoid leaving the box next to a heat source
    • Avoid the use of solvents for cleaning