50%OFF - Pack of 6 x Winehug Self-Inflating Travel Pouch for 1 Wine Bottle, Orange


  • Save 50% of the unit price by purchasing a pack of 6 x Winehug for 1 bottle

    Reusable "Life jacket" protection for wine in transit. Ingenious airflow technology protects your bottle from breakage while traveling. Opening the valve of this life jacket-like carrier automatically fills the foam core with air, creating a cushioned buffer for your wine. Hugs most 750 mL bottles. Fits safe in a suitcase! Durable nylon shell with Velcro closures. 

  • Benefits:

    Lightweight and compact

    Adaptable to hug a 750ml bottle of various shapes

    Collapsible when not in use

    Environmentally friendly: re-usable


    Low weight, high-density foam core

    Durable ultrasonic welded seams

    Dimensions: 38.1 X 14 X 1.9 cm / 15" X 5-½" X ¾" [folded]

    Weight: 184g / 6.5oz

    Two-way turn valve for easy self-inflation

    Super grab Velcro® seams keep bottle snug

    Integral carry handle