The WineHug

WineHug for one or two wine bottles suitcase protection
Don’t sweat it. Pack your stuff with confidence.
With WineHug’s self-inflatable technology and unique design, your wine bottle is snug in your suitcase, back of your car, boat, or wherever else you travel.
Hug your wine. Protect your stuff!
WineHug ® protects a single 750 ml bottle of various lengths and diameters. The WineHug Twin ® protects two 750 ml bottles or a single larger (up to 2L) bottle.
Check out how the WineHug® works:

Step 1 - Lay on a flat surface and open valve - allow to self-inflate.

Step 2 - Close valve and place bottle as shown.

Step 3 - Bring sides together and attach velcro strips.

Step 4 - If necessary, use the valve to top off WineHug.

Step 5 - Bring end straps together and attach at Velcro strips.

Step 6 - Pack it!

WineHug Twin® is just as easy to use, just follow these steps:
Step 1 - Lay on a flat surface. Open valve and allow to inflate.
Step 2 - Close valve. Place bottle/bottles as shown.
Step 3 - If you have two bottles, fold the WineHug side without the instructions over the first bottle.
Attach two velcro strips between the bottles.
Step 4 - Velcro the long sides together.
Step 5 - Inflate WineHug Twin until snug and close valve.
Step 6 - Velcro end straps.


Have questions about the WineHug? Check our FAQ or contact us.