Lazenne Brings Specialized Luggage to Safely Transport Wine During Travel

Crush resistant carrier can hold up to 12 bottles of wine and other spirits

October 13, 2014 (Paris, France) – Lazenne announces the distribution of specialized luggage that makes it easier for travellers to the wine regions of Europe to safely transport wine, champagne, beer, spirits, or olive oil bottles to their destination.

The Wine Check carrier combines with a range of deluxe, high performance bottle protectors to allow the traveller to carry up to 12 bottles of wine or other alcohol on a plane. Used as inserts into the Wine Check carrier, the bottle protectors are made with crush resistant material that are ideal for protecting the bottles during travel. When the insert is removed the Wine Check can be collapsed and placed into existing luggage.

“We are responding to a real need where travellers come to the wine regions of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc., and discover really amazing wine that is not available in their home country. Lazenne provides a way for them to safely, conveniently, and legally take it back home, with rolling wheels and carrying straps which make it easy to handle. The carrier is airline, FAA, and EASA approved, and come in a convenient size that enables you to maximize your airline luggage weight limit. In addition it’s collapsible, and re-usable enabling you to easily transport it with you to your next destination” a Lazenne spokesman said.

Each bottle protector includes a polystyrene base and lid, and an outer cardboard box to protect against major impact. They are also designed to protect against extreme temperature and to maintain steady pressure levels while protecting the bottles’ content. The protectors fit a variety of bottles from standard Bordeaux, to larger Burgundy and Champagne, and sizes in between. They are 100% recyclable.

The company operates in France and greater Europe, selling directly to customers through its online store and through a network of resellers.

About Lazenne

Lazenne was born from a desire to improve the experience of foreign tourists in France. Their mission is to solve the common problems tourists regularly face such as helping them transport of newly acquired wine and other alcohol bottles back to their home country. The owners have professional experience of 10 years in the tourism industry. A shared passion for fine food, wine, travelling, and entrepreneurship has led the owners to develop small innovations to common problems with the ultimate goal to improve experiences and memories.

Media contact: Benedicte Rigollot

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