Inflatable Wine Bottle Protector

Vin Bouquet

Just because you can’t carry wine onboard anymore doesn’t mean you can’t take a bottle or two home from your next trip. There are no airline restrictions on packing liquids in check-in luggage, and now you don’t even have to worry about spillage.

The Vin Bouquet Bottle Protector is an inflatable, re-usable and water-tight way to transport bottles of wine, beer, spirits, olive oil, or other bottle. It can be inflated like a beach ball and deflated after use. It has a velcro fold and seal system to prevent the spillage of liquid, should the bottle break.

The Vin Bouquet Bottle Protector helps you avoid the unhappy scenario of individual bottles breaking inside your suitcase .

The Vin Bouquet has been designed (in Spain) to protect a standard 750 ml wine bottle (from classic Bordeaux to extra large Champagne type bottles).