SALE! Pack of 6 x Wineskin Single Bottle Protector For Your Luggage


Just because you can’t carry wine onboard anymore doesn’t mean you can’t take a bottle or two home from your next trip. There are no airline restrictions on packing liquids in check-in luggage, and now you don’t even have to worry about spillage.

Just slip your bottles into a WineSkin, a bubble-protected vinyl sleeve; in the unlikely event that breakage should occur, a watertight seal ensures that all leakage is contained.

WineSkin bottle transport bag is a simple, effective and cost-conscious solution for safely transporting bottles in your checked (hold) luggage on the airplane. Designed to accommodate most 750ml bottles of not only wine, but beer, spirits, olive oil or whatever else you want to transport.  The WineSkin is made out of tough, durable and flexible plastic, cushioned with a layer of air bubbles (similar to bubble wrap). It has a dual-strip sealing system to prevent the spillage of liquid, should the bottle break.

This pack of 6 Wineskins will allow you to protect your bottles and your personal belongings whan placed directly into your luggage.