Pack of 4 x No Sweat Ice pack Cryopack


Chill during Summer with our No Sweat Gel packs!

Need to keep your bottles chilled for a picnic or want extra protection to maintain the temperature of your bottles longer during your trip back home? 

During Summer, the temperature can raise up to 50°C (120°F) in Europe so if you leave your bottles in the back of the car during the day, we recommend you take an extra precaution by adding layers of no sweat Gel packs on top of our styrofoam protectors or directly in your luggage if that's where you placed your bottles. 

Our Gel Pack are "no sweat Gel Pack" so they won't impact the label of your bottles. 

1/ put flat in the freezer for a couple of hours
2/ place directly over your bottles in your luggage or on top of your styrofoam (between the Styryfaom and the lid of your wine suitcase)  

Dimensions: 6.10in/15,5cms x 6.10in/15,5cms x 0.98in/2,5cms (when frozen)